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A Decade Ago…

On December 31st, 1999, I was:

~16 years old and a junior at Federal Hocking High School in Stewart, Ohio

~5’10” and 115 lbs.

~Suffering from a bad haircut

~The biggest klutz you ever met

~Taller than all the girls and 90% of the boys at my school

~Trying to adjust to wearing glasses

~Not allowed to wear makeup or shorts…though it didn’t mean I never did!

~Getting my driver’s license

~On our high school newspaper staff and track team

~Very religous and preparing to join the Catholic Church

~Probably trying too hard…at just about everything

~An admitted brown noser/teacher’s pet

~Absolutely certain that my best friend and I would be besties forever

~Flying for the first time…and flew home from NC in a hurricane

~Spending plenty of time daydreaming about my first kiss, which had yet to happen (and wouldn’t for another 2 years)

~Only slightly worried about Y2K


What were YOU doing 10 years ago?

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