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A few truths…

…that I learned today:

1. Getting the oil changed in my car is, without a doubt, my least favorite errand.  Please, just change my oil and stop trying to sell me additional services.  Brighty is telling me she’s thirsty, that’s the only reason I”m here!

2. I love love love finding steals…this I already knew.  99 cents for something I’ve been searching to find for months?  Hell yes!

3. Bath and Body Works is not a good place to shop for someone whose taste you know little about.  Too many decisions, too many ways to go wrong!

4. I’ve worked seasonal retail.  I know the challenges.  But, when I’m the only person in the store, don’t tell me you can’t print me a gift receipt.  Firstly, you’re lying.  Secondly, sheer laziness is unbecoming.

5. I LOVE those little cards I get in the mail from Victoria’s Secret for a free panty.  I have an entire drawer full of nice panties that didn’t cost me a cent.

6. I could do all my Christmas shopping at the bookstore…I love that place!

7. I discovered a new favorite store today, a consignment furniture store.  Too cool!

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