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I had a follow-up visit with my urologist back in December.  It was my first visit since he diagnosed me with an OAB back in October and was pretty much a quick, in-and-out deal.  The medication he put me on (Vesicare) seems to be helping, although I feel like the improvement has plateaued by now.  However, at this visit he mentioned a technique–called Timed Voiding–that’s designed to slowly retrain your bladder to have more appropriate urges.  Basically, you choose a manageable time interval, say 1-2 hours, and limit bathroom trips to that interval.  I’m not a huge fan of the name…so I prefer to call them my “Pre-scheduled bathroom breaks”.  It’s pretty much a mind-over-matter technique, and it really works for me.  Love it!

In my original post, I mentioned that I was going to follow-up with my neurologist about any connection between my OAB issue and a potential neurological link.  Last month I had a routine follow-up visit with Dr. M, my fabulous neurologist, and I asked her about the OAB link.  She was immediately concerned (making me glad I brought it up).  Contrary to what my urologist indicated,

Migraine history + bladder issues = Concern about Multiple Sclerosis

Other risk factors I have are: 

  • Being female (women are twice as likely as men to develop MS)
  • My age (most people who develop MS are diagnosed in their 20’s or early 30’s)
  • Living in a temperate climate (MS affects approximately 1 in 2,000 people in temperate climates, while those in tropical climates have a 1 in 10,000 chance)
  • Being caucasian (whites are at the highest risk for MS)

So, Dr. M ordered an MRI with and without contrast, as well as blood work to check my Vitamin D levels.  (Recent studies show that sufficient Vitamin D levels confer some protection against developing MS and/or progression of the disease.) 

Needless to say, this is all scary as hell for me.  MS is nothing to take lightly, and ever since my visit with Dr. M (which was otherwise positive), I’ve had a nice little knot of panic festering somewhere just above my diaphragm.  My gut feeling is that I don’t have MS, but I haven’t been able to shrug off the initial “holy crap, what if…” reaction, either.  

My MRI is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so I should know in a couple of weeks….

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