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Oh happy happy Monday

Apparently this is not my week.  All my klutziness, all my aches and pains, all my pre-holiday grouchiness…they’re coming out to play this week.   And by “this week”, I mean Saturday, Sunday, and Monday=the week thus far. 

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a born klutz?  Yeah, it seems to be coming out with a vengeance this week.  Let’s see…for example, on Saturday I was in Victoria’s Secret doing a little Christmas shopping.  I opened (OPENED, not squeezed) a bottle of lotion…and the next thing I knew, my (black)  pea coat was covered in (white) lotion.  All over the whole front of my coat. 

Then, at dinner, I somehow managed to knock the “Parmesan Cheese” sign INTO the parmesan cheese at the salad bar.  Smooth, let me tell you.

Yesterday, I scraped half my pinky knuckle off…in the chicken house, no less.  I mean, I keep my chicken house in a cleanly manner and all…but, they’re still birds.  And birds are not cleanly.  Today, my pinky is most unhappy with me.

Today–Monday, which should be my day off, but instead I worked 7:30am-7:30pm for a coworker who is in Vegas–I dumped an entire surgical pack on the floor.  Guess what?  The sound of steel instruments clattering to the floor is pretty hard to hide.  Ugh.

End rant.

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