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The completion of #26, my list of 100 things that make me happy:

  1. Naps.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream.  (And I don’t even like cherries, go figure.)
  3. Lasagna & garlic bread.
  4. Pay day.
  5. Thinking about going back to school for my Master’s degree.
  6. Greek mythology.
  7. Comedians.
  8. Potlucks.
  9. The Burrito Buggy (unfortunately for me, it’s in Athens, Ohio).
  10. Waterfalls.
  11. Onion rings.
  12. Rainbows.
  13. Sunflowers.
  14. Volunteer plants in my garden.
  15. Giving/receiving a smile.
  16. Receiving random email/texts from my oldest brother.
  17. Hearing my younger brothers’ voices on the phone.
  18. Clay face masks.
  19. Watching Kori (the Corgi dog) rub his face.
  20. Mimosas.
  21. Back scratches from my hubby.
  22. A barn full of gorgeous hay.
  23. Fresh shavings in the horses’ stalls.
  24. Headache-free days.
  25. When my husband calls me to tell me he’s on his way home.

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Still working on #26, my list of 100 things that make me happy.  This has actually been way more fun than I had thought it might be!  Here’s #51-#75:

  1. Clean sheets.
  2. A good run.
  3. Warm, freshly baked bread.
  4. When my husband sings to me.
  5. Black & white photographs.
  6. That time in the spring when I break out my flip-flops again.
  7. The color blue.
  8. Pickles.
  9. Seeing a movie in the theater.
  10. A toasted bagel with cream cheese.
  11. The feel of freshly shaved legs.
  12. My aunt’s apple pie.
  13. Doggie play dates, especially when my mutt-dog behaves.
  14. Penn Station french fries.  LOVE THEM!
  15. Thanksgiving with the Hesses.  Turkey Day is my favorite holiday!
  16. Visiting my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Ed at their farm in Pennsylvania.
  17. White Elephant gift exchanges at Christmas.
  18. Learning new things.
  19. Ace-ing tests.
  20. Eating dinner out.
  21. Getting my Practical Horseman magazine in the mail.
  22. The full moon.
  23. Boats, even though I get slightly motion-sick.
  24. True Blood on HBO, and House and Fringe on Fox.
  25. Ferrets.

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#26-#50 for my list of 100 things that make me happy (#26):

  1. A successful grocery shopping trip.  To me, successful means I’ve gotten some awesome deals and have an interesting menu for the week.
  2. Free photos from Shutterfly.
  3. A good haircut.  (Which is rare for me!)
  4. Finding deals & steals on Craigslist.
  5. Babies.  Baby people, baby kittens, baby puppies, baby horses, baby anything!
  6. Planting things in my garden.
  7. Picking veggies from my garden.
  8. Horse movies!
  9. Homemade chili & cornbread.
  10. Going to the library.
  11. Finding new clothes/shoes that I love.  (Doesn’t happen very often.)
  12. Traveling to new places.
  13. Finding new favorite websites on the internet.
  14. Making–and then crossing things off–my to-do lists.
  15. Bookstores.
  16. Campfires/bonfires, especially with marshmallows.
  17. Finding a new favorite author.
  18. Weddings.
  19. Comments/messages/friend requests from Facebook and WordPress.
  20. Hot tea in the morning on my way in to work.
  21. Getting my stocking at Christmas.  It makes me feel like a kid again.
  22. Victoria’s Secret.
  23. House shopping, even though we’re NOT looking.
  24. Waking up early, getting lots done, and then taking a nap.
  25. Ice cream in general, Coldstone and Graeter’s ice cream in particular.

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Working on #26, my list of 100 things that make me happy:

  1. Cuddling with my husband.
  2. Holding Kori (our Corgi dog) like a baby.  He actually likes it.
  3. Hot showers.
  4. Getting a hug from my horse.
  5. The smell of oats.  (Not oatmeal, but real horsey oats.)
  6. Hearing my girls sing their “I’m a happy hen, I just laid an egg” song.
  7. Pasta.
  8. A good Mojito.
  9. Pancakes/waffles with homemade jam & whipped cream on top.
  10. Hearing my kitty’s “chirp” the moment he hears me opening a can in the kitchen.  He’s convinced it’s tuna every time.  Micky is Pavlov‘s classical conditioning in action.
  11. Hot chocolate on a cold day.
  12. The beach.  I could SO live at the beach.
  13. Cooking/baking for pleasure.  I really enjoy cooking in general, but cooking for fun is so much better than rushing to get dinner done on a Wednesday night.
  14. Fleeces of any type.
  15. The sun.
  16. Swimming.  (It’s very difficult to be a klutz in the water.)
  17. When my hubby brings home a Praying Mantis for my garden, even though he hates bugs.  That’s true love!
  18. Reading a book that makes me think about it long after I’ve put it down.
  19. Popcorn.  My comfort food.
  20. Driving with my sunroof open and my radio up.
  21. Mondays, which I have off.  It’s nice to have a “me” day, since hubs is at work.  Sometimes I’m uber productive and sometime’s it’s a lazy day.  I love that I can chose.
  22. Doggies that smile.
  23. Finding long-lost friends on Facebook.
  24. Phone calls from my Grandpa.  Hearing his voice makes me smile.
  25. Roses.  I hate to admit it, but I’m a classic rose kinda girl.

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