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I caught myself coming and going both ways this month.  It was absolutely crazy!  The sad part is, December is bound to be just as bad, if  not worse.


1. Write Christmas lists.  Yes – here.

2. Read 3 books.  Partially – I finished The Good Guy by Dean Koontz and am in the middle of Dune by Frank Herbert.  Dune has taken me a loooong time to get into, but I’m starting to like it.

3. Winterize my garden and flower beds.  No.

4. Find & purchase a soap dish.  Yes! – Exactly what I wanted for 99 cents!

5. Make mulled wine.  No.

6. Complete my barely started knitting project.  No.

7. Get a group together to go see ”The Twilight Saga: New Moon”.  Yes! – So much fun!  I’ll post about it sometime soon.

8. Try a new type of wine.  Yes – had a glass of Valley Vineyards Vidal Blanc tonight.  I want to try more Ohio-grown wines.

9. Make dish(es) for Thanksgiving dinner!  Yes – I made Cranberry Fluff, Cranberry Muffins, Coconut Macaroons, Pancakes (for the morning after), and Mashed Potatoes.  The only thing that didn’t turn out was my Cappuccino Pie–it never set up.  Bummer!

10. Buy at least two Christmas presents.  Yes – two down, many more to go!

11. Pick up manure in arena & haul at least 10 loads of sand into the arena.  Yes – I thought my back was going to crack in two the day afterwards! 

12. Ride my horse at least 3 times per week.  Yes – except when the weather was bad and over Thanksgiving week, but that was a given.

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A few truths…

…that I learned today:

1. Getting the oil changed in my car is, without a doubt, my least favorite errand.  Please, just change my oil and stop trying to sell me additional services.  Brighty is telling me she’s thirsty, that’s the only reason I”m here!

2. I love love love finding steals…this I already knew.  99 cents for something I’ve been searching to find for months?  Hell yes!

3. Bath and Body Works is not a good place to shop for someone whose taste you know little about.  Too many decisions, too many ways to go wrong!

4. I’ve worked seasonal retail.  I know the challenges.  But, when I’m the only person in the store, don’t tell me you can’t print me a gift receipt.  Firstly, you’re lying.  Secondly, sheer laziness is unbecoming.

5. I LOVE those little cards I get in the mail from Victoria’s Secret for a free panty.  I have an entire drawer full of nice panties that didn’t cost me a cent.

6. I could do all my Christmas shopping at the bookstore…I love that place!

7. I discovered a new favorite store today, a consignment furniture store.  Too cool!

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