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Winter/Spring/Summer Recap

Besides everything horse related, I…

  • Took in a foundling.  Searched for his people.  Taught him doggie manners.  Fell in love with him.  Named him ‘Dobby’ (after the house elf from Harry Potter–they have the same ears).  Realized that his people where losers and weren’t looking for him.  Got him neutered and vaccinated.  Found him the best home a doggie could ask for, where he is now named ‘Leo’, grown up, and very well-loved.
  • Had the Migraine From Hell.  Lasted three weeks straight.  Couldn’t kick it with anything.  Tried migraine meds, tried steroids, tried injectable meds that HURT.  Nothing worked.
  • After the Migraine From Hell, decided to go back on a migraine preventative.  Dr. suggested Pamelor at twice the dose I was on before (50 mg/day instead of 25 mg/day).  Migraines reduced to 2-3 times/month instead of 2-3 days/week. 
  • Decided to try neurologist’s recommendation to take prescription strength Aleve for the 2 days before my period and 3 days during that I’m most likely to develop a hormone-induced migraine.  Migraines further reduced to 1-2 times/month.  YAY!  Very, very happy.
  • Got PT summer job drug testing at USEF recognized horse shows.  Horse show fun+great people+good $$=best 2nd job ever.
  • Went to Gatlinburg, TN with hubby for 3 year anniversary.  My first trip there.  Loved it.  Hiked up crazy big mountain to see waterfall.  Beautiful.  Was sore for days.

The waterfall was almost worth the hike!

  • Went to midnight showing of Eclipse.  It was lots of awesomeness and we were on TV.
  • Turned 27.  Not happy to be older, but starting to care less and less.
  • Visited Terra and Andrew in Richmond, VA.  Toured the city, ate great food, drank the best margaritas ever, caught up with friends.  It was wonderful!
  • Vacationed on Bald Head Island, NC again.  Took less clothes and more alcohol.  Proved that I’m happy just lying on the beach all day for the week.  Saw sting ray, sea turtle nests, sea hare, cool fishies.  Swam with wild dolphins=truly amazing!

Sea Hare

  • Helped coordinate 1st ever Hess Family Mini Vacation.  Most of the fam made it to Kelley’s Island, OH on Lake Erie.  Had a great long weekend.  Very happy to spend time with everyone, especially grandparents.  Everyone had fun–success!

Kelley's Island on Lake Erie

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