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Young male blue Doberman.  Found 1.5.10 in West Carrollton, Ohio.

Where are my people?

 Call or email with description to claim.


P.S. While I’m absolutely 100% sure that this little guy’s people are out there looking for him, and I promised myself I wouldn’t, I’ve fallen in love.  He is absolutely without a doubt the dopiest dog I’ve ever seen!

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2010 brings a new format to my goal-making.  My priority for the next few months is our House Project List.  So, for the next few months my goals will be 80% home improvement, 10% 101 in 1001, and 10% other.


1. Find and buy a dress I can wear in the winter. (#42)

2. Read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

3. Apply KILZ paint primer to stains on dining room, guest bedroom, office, and living room walls.

4. Paint downstairs ceilings & office ceiling (white semi-gloss).

5. Clean grout around bathtub.

6. Re-seal grout around bathtub.

7. Paint upstairs ceiling repair.

8. Move old water softener, hot water heater, and dryer out of basement & discard.

9. Purchase and install blinds on front door.

10. Look for a new refrigerator.

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For us, the first half of 2010 is going to be all about house projects.  Mucho house projects!

The plan, thus far:

Install 8 new windows upstairs

Install railing in stairway

Install new basement accordion door

Install light fixtures (3) upstairs

Install blinds on front door

Install blinds on upstairs windows (after new windows are installed)

Replace a couple of boards around the barn

Install drywall over left corner of fireplace

Tile back porch

Install smoke detectors

Install cover plates on all outlets & switches


Apply KILZ paint primer to stains on dining room, guest bedroom, and living room walls

Paint dining room, living room, guest bedroom, office (beige flat)

Paint downstairs ceilings & office ceiling (white semi-gloss)

Paint upstairs window frames white (after new windows are installed)

Paint back porch

Paint over nail holes

Caulk behind kitchen counter, cracks above fireplace, and in bathroom

Fix/replace baseboard in bathroom

Fix chair rail in bathroom

Clean grout around bathtub (use Zout or….?)

Re-seal grout around bathtub

Re-caulk around bathtub

Fix kitchen ceiling

Paint upstairs ceiling repair

Fix loose bricks on chimney

Burn brush pile @ manure pile

Move dirt pile & sand pile

Move old water softener, hot water heater, and dryer out of basement & discard

Winterize garden and side bed

De-clutter office & basement

Lime-Away bathroom fixtures

Clean up gardens


Clean up loose carpet threads in living room, guest bedroom, and dining room

Clean and polish upstairs wood floors

Replace burner pans on stove

Complete edge stones around front bed

Add mulch in front bed

Power wash siding

Suspend® basement in spring


Let the mess–err, fun–begin!

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As expected, the total number of days in December, measured in “actual time”, was 15.  Yes, I swear to you, December is half as long as other months.  The good news is that January and February generally run about 35 and 40 days, respectively.


1. Finish knitting project before Christmas.  Partially – I worked on it and now have until next weekend to finish.

2. Winterize my garden and flower beds.  Partially – They’re cleaned up, but the ground froze before I could completely winterize everything.  I’m just waiting for a thaw so I can finish up. 

3. Complete 5 items on our home improvement “to do” list.  Done – We de-cluttered our office and basement (a huge project, really), cleaned bathroom fixtures, painted over nail holes, installed clover plates on outlets/switches, and installed smoke detectors.

4. Finish reading DuneNot happening – I just can’t get into this book, which frustrates me because I really, really wanted to like it.

5. Move more sand into the arena.  No – due to the aforementioned frozen ground.  Stupid Ohio winters! 

6. Give blood.  Done – First week in December. 

7. Write and send Christmas letters & Christmas cards.  Done – Sort of.  I ended up consolidating this into an e-letter.

8. Make cool, fun, interesting plans for New Year’s Eve…and send 2009 out in style!  Partially – We made fun plans to hang out with friends, but ended up getting lazy and staying home on the couch instead.  Which, by the way, I was totally OK with.

9. Come up with a super cool, super unique New Year’s resolution.  Done – Although I didn’t come up with anything super unique.

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In 2010 I resolve to:

~Apply to graduate school(s) or take pre-req classes in preparation for applying to grad school.

~Paint my downstairs.

~Attend continuing education seminar(s).

~Read lots of good books.

~Go on vacation to Bald Head Island, NC.

~Visit Jenn in Chicago.

~Lose 15 lbs.

~Become more organized about holidays and birthdays, including mailing or emailing all birthday cards on time or early and planning holiday itineraries at least 6 weeks in advance.

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