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Still working on #26, my list of 100 things that make me happy.  This has actually been way more fun than I had thought it might be!  Here’s #51-#75:

  1. Clean sheets.
  2. A good run.
  3. Warm, freshly baked bread.
  4. When my husband sings to me.
  5. Black & white photographs.
  6. That time in the spring when I break out my flip-flops again.
  7. The color blue.
  8. Pickles.
  9. Seeing a movie in the theater.
  10. A toasted bagel with cream cheese.
  11. The feel of freshly shaved legs.
  12. My aunt’s apple pie.
  13. Doggie play dates, especially when my mutt-dog behaves.
  14. Penn Station french fries.  LOVE THEM!
  15. Thanksgiving with the Hesses.  Turkey Day is my favorite holiday!
  16. Visiting my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Ed at their farm in Pennsylvania.
  17. White Elephant gift exchanges at Christmas.
  18. Learning new things.
  19. Ace-ing tests.
  20. Eating dinner out.
  21. Getting my Practical Horseman magazine in the mail.
  22. The full moon.
  23. Boats, even though I get slightly motion-sick.
  24. True Blood on HBO, and House and Fringe on Fox.
  25. Ferrets.

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