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#26-#50 for my list of 100 things that make me happy (#26):

  1. A successful grocery shopping trip.  To me, successful means I’ve gotten some awesome deals and have an interesting menu for the week.
  2. Free photos from Shutterfly.
  3. A good haircut.  (Which is rare for me!)
  4. Finding deals & steals on Craigslist.
  5. Babies.  Baby people, baby kittens, baby puppies, baby horses, baby anything!
  6. Planting things in my garden.
  7. Picking veggies from my garden.
  8. Horse movies!
  9. Homemade chili & cornbread.
  10. Going to the library.
  11. Finding new clothes/shoes that I love.  (Doesn’t happen very often.)
  12. Traveling to new places.
  13. Finding new favorite websites on the internet.
  14. Making–and then crossing things off–my to-do lists.
  15. Bookstores.
  16. Campfires/bonfires, especially with marshmallows.
  17. Finding a new favorite author.
  18. Weddings.
  19. Comments/messages/friend requests from Facebook and WordPress.
  20. Hot tea in the morning on my way in to work.
  21. Getting my stocking at Christmas.  It makes me feel like a kid again.
  22. Victoria’s Secret.
  23. House shopping, even though we’re NOT looking.
  24. Waking up early, getting lots done, and then taking a nap.
  25. Ice cream in general, Coldstone and Graeter’s ice cream in particular.

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