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A Moment to Bitch

 Dear Weather:

As you may have noticed, I do not care for your recent change in personality. Please return to your cheery, pleasant self; between 75 and 80 degrees is perfect. In return, I will shake off the irritable, grouchy mood you’ve put me in. Otherwise, I will be forced to hibernate until Spring.
Ummm, right.  So, it was 69 degrees at work today.  I had goosebumps in places I didn’t know I could get goosebumps.  Not cool. 
Did I mention that I absolutely hate being cold?  I hate it even more when I’m cold and wet.  Ick, ick, ick.  Today my feet got wet (during the afore mentioned freeze out).  They–of course–stayed wet for the rest of the day.  This was the most un-cool bit.
Somewhat unfortunately, I survived.
Then I came home.  It was 64 degrees in my house.  Again, not cool.
Tomorrow I plan to wear a tee shirt and a long-sleeve tee shirt under my scrubs.  My first choice was to wear a fleece vest, but somehow fleece vest + scrubs = possible major sin of workplace dress standards.

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Ragweed is NOT My Friend

This time of year, my allergies kick into high gear and try really, really hard to make my life miserable.  Anyone else who experiences ragweed allergy knows what I’m talking about.  I can’t breathe, my nose runs, my eyes itch, my throat swells, my head pounds, and I’m oh-so tired all the time.  And it’ll be like this until the first frost starts killing the nasty little plants.

I keep my bottle o’ Benadryl handy, but here are some other recommendations:

1. Visit http://www.pollen.com/allergy-weather-forecast.asp to view current pollen counts.  Try to stay indoors when pollen counts are high.

2. Keep windows in your home and car closed.

3. After spending time outside, immediately shower upon re-entering your house.  Also, change clothes and wash the old ones.  (Ragweed pollen clings to your clothes, so this will help avoid bringing it into your home.)

4. Bathe your pets frequently, so they don’t bring as much pollen into the house.

5. Keep weeds around your house cut down.  This should be done BEFORE the ragweed plant is mature.

6. Move. (haha)

FYI, people with allergies to ragweed often experience swelling and itching in their mouth (called Oral Allergy Syndrom) after eating certain fruits and veggies, including bananas, cucumbers, melons, and zucchini.



By the way, did you know that one ragweed plant produces up to 1 billion pollen grains?  They’re prolific little buggers.

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Recent Reads

Walking in Circles Before Lying Down by Merrill Markoe

Walking in Circles Before Lying DownLight without being fluffy, fun, and full of canine humor.

Deception Point by Dan Brown

deception-pointClassic Dan Brown.  A similar read to Digital Fortress, another of his books.

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

angels_and_demonsAnyone who liked The DaVinci Code will enjoy Angels & Demons.  I can’t wait to see the Angels & Demons movie!  (I know I’m a little late to see it in the theater, so at this point I’m just going to wait until it comes out on DVD.)

Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce 

melting stones

Tamora Pierce is obviously one of my favorite YA authors.  That said, Melting Stones was not one of my favorite of her books.  (However, I just re-read her book Wild Magic because I like it so much.)

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris 

dead as a doornail

The 5th Sookie Stackhouse novel–better than the last two 🙂  I really think it’s my mood that changes, not Ms. Harris’s writing; I have to be in the “right” mood to really get into her books.

A Case of Need by Michael Crichton (under the pseudonym Jeffery Hudson)


This was Crichton’s first novel, written while he was still in medical school and published in 1968 (a year before The Andromeda Strain was published).  It’s probably not quite as good as his subsequent work, but it’s Crichton-like none-the-less.  Be aware that abortion rights discussion & arguements are woven into the plot and the book was written during a time when race & segregation were omnipresent social issues.

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Vacation Artsy-ness

Retouched pics from our vacation.  Did I mention how much I love B & W?

102_0850 edited


Pelicans edited


102_0868 edited


102_0853 edited


Cool Driftwood Tree edited


102_0891 edited


102_0869 edited


102_0863 edited


102_0849 edited

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The hubby, my mother- and father-in-law, my sister- and brother-in-law, and I spent a week on Bald Head Island in North Carolina earlier this month.  It was our first real vacation together and it was absolutely heaven. 

(Except for the jellyfish.  They weren’t so much fun.)


The sun was really bright on the beach!


Sand + Ocean Water + Feet = Awesome


We went kayaking on Wednesday.  Kayaking in the ocean is hard work…and it made me just a tad bit seasick.

Kayaking 2

But it was still lots of fun!


I was impressed by the size of the Palmetto leaves, so I made hubs pose for comparison 🙂


Nice shot of the Pelicans, thanks to my hubby.


Our outing to the beach to capture the beautiful sunset was hindered by a few clouds.  Actually, a whole sky full of clouds.

A and T

We loved it!

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