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Why haven’t I posted since April 5th, you ask?  Well, besides the usual busy farm life, work, and summer doings, my garden has been keeping me more than busy.  Unfortunately, this means I haven’t been online as much. 

Unfortunately, as well, “more than busy” still leaves my garden just a notch above “slightly neglected”.  However, even in it’s “notch above slightly neglected” status, gardens tend to do their own thing.  Fortunately for me, it’s own thing still means lots of veggies.

Garden 8.24.09

Today was my first real venture back into the garden after coming home from vacation last week (more on that another time).  As you can see, she did OK while we were gone.  I picked a plastic grocery bag of sweet corn, 7 cukes, 3 yellow summer squash, too many zukes, 1 green pepper, some broccoli, some brussell sprouts, half a paper grocery bag of green beans, and a butt load of tomatoes. 

How many tomatoes equals a butt load?

Garden 8.24.09 - 2

This many.

And there’s still a lot left out there for me to do this week.  Beets, cabbage, and A TON of green beans.  Oh, and I have to figure out what to do with all these tomatoes.  (Anyone know if I can make spaghetti sauce out of table tomatoes?  They’re Brandywines.)

I promise I will be back to post more (I have SO much to talk about!) once I get all my veggies taken care of!

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