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Today’s conversation topic of the day (at least here at work) has been gardening.  I think we’re all feeling the effects of the lengthening daylight hours, (slightly) warmer weather, and re-emerged songbirds.  I love talking about gardening almost as much as I love gardening itself.  Not only do I get get to share my success stories, I get to pick others’ brains and glean new ideas from them. 

I’m planning on planting spinach, beets, carrots, and perhaps some lettuce this weekend.  I need to get started–I have three times as much garden space this year as we had last year!  I am definitely going to be kept busy all spring and summer.  I also need to start preparing the small strip of lawn that we’re converting to space for raspberry canes and a larger strawberry bed.  (Those strawberries are always trying to take over new space!  I started with 4 spindly plants less than two years ago; now they’re running amuck!)

So, who else has started planting (or at least planning)?

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