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10.  I’m ready for spring.  The birds have been proclaiming that spring has arrived every morning for the past week or so, but 20 and 30 degree weather does not equal spring, at least in my book.

9. Robins are definitely year round inhabitants here in Southwest Ohio.  They are VERY happily eating worms in my lawn!

8. My hubby and I met for lunch today, which is a first since we moved to Dayton.  I LOVE that we work in the same city again.

7. I’ve been debating over going to see an upcoming movie called Little Ashes, starring (among others) Robert Pattinson of Edward Cullen/Twilight fame.  From an artistic standpoint, I think it looks brilliant.  However, there’s a small, very petty part of me that’s scared to see my onscreen hunk play a gay–sorry, bisexual–role.  I’m very curious; first because the story of Salvadore Dali is an interesting one, and second because I’m curious to see what else Robert Pattinson can do onscreen.

Salvadore Dalis Lincoln in Dalivision

Salvadore Dali's 'Lincoln in Dalivision'


6. I’m making pot roast for dinner tomorrow night.  I have everything ready to go so I can throw it in the crock pot just before I leave in the morning.  That way we get to look forward to the house smelling delicious when we come home from work at the end of the day. 

5. I hate underwear that bunch.  WHY did they go to using cheap, crappy elastic?  (I mean, security is essential in that, ah, area.)  Oh, because they can make more profit per pair of underwear sold.  Awesome, now I get to deal with the consequences on a daily basis.  Ok, rant over!

4. The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguements today in a case in which a Cincinnati, Ohio mother is suing her former employer for firing her for taking breaks to pump breast milk during her work day.  I think you can guess what I think about that

3. I’m just a little proud of the homemade hamburger buns I made yesterday–sesame seeds and all baby!

2. Quote of the day: “Huh, it must work on bruises, too.” –my husband, upon seeing Rhianna’s newest  Cover Girl commercial 

1. Happy birthday Terra!

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