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It irks me when…

…I forget to put my wedding ring on in the morning before going to work. 

Then–all day long–I feel naked and exposed without it.  Yes, I know it’s just a band of metal on my finger, but it’s a constant presence that I miss dearly when it’s not where it belongs.   Silly and a bit girly, but 100% true.

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A co-worker made me a copy of the Twilight soundtrack…and made my week in the process!  I’ve been on YouTube since I got home today looking up other songs by the bands I “discovered” on my already well-listened-to Twilight CD.  And I’ve found a few new favorites, including Muse, Plain White T’s (which aren’t actually on the CD), Paramore, Collective Soul, and Rob Pattinson.

I absolutely love this song.  I was going to use the actual music video with Muse, but it’s a bit strange for my taste.  (Honestly, it wasn’t just another excuse to plug Twilight, I promise!)

By the way, I found this acoustic version of December (Collective Soul).  I loved it!

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Today’s conversation topic of the day (at least here at work) has been gardening.  I think we’re all feeling the effects of the lengthening daylight hours, (slightly) warmer weather, and re-emerged songbirds.  I love talking about gardening almost as much as I love gardening itself.  Not only do I get get to share my success stories, I get to pick others’ brains and glean new ideas from them. 

I’m planning on planting spinach, beets, carrots, and perhaps some lettuce this weekend.  I need to get started–I have three times as much garden space this year as we had last year!  I am definitely going to be kept busy all spring and summer.  I also need to start preparing the small strip of lawn that we’re converting to space for raspberry canes and a larger strawberry bed.  (Those strawberries are always trying to take over new space!  I started with 4 spindly plants less than two years ago; now they’re running amuck!)

So, who else has started planting (or at least planning)?

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10.  I’m ready for spring.  The birds have been proclaiming that spring has arrived every morning for the past week or so, but 20 and 30 degree weather does not equal spring, at least in my book.

9. Robins are definitely year round inhabitants here in Southwest Ohio.  They are VERY happily eating worms in my lawn!

8. My hubby and I met for lunch today, which is a first since we moved to Dayton.  I LOVE that we work in the same city again.

7. I’ve been debating over going to see an upcoming movie called Little Ashes, starring (among others) Robert Pattinson of Edward Cullen/Twilight fame.  From an artistic standpoint, I think it looks brilliant.  However, there’s a small, very petty part of me that’s scared to see my onscreen hunk play a gay–sorry, bisexual–role.  I’m very curious; first because the story of Salvadore Dali is an interesting one, and second because I’m curious to see what else Robert Pattinson can do onscreen.

Salvadore Dalis Lincoln in Dalivision

Salvadore Dali's 'Lincoln in Dalivision'


6. I’m making pot roast for dinner tomorrow night.  I have everything ready to go so I can throw it in the crock pot just before I leave in the morning.  That way we get to look forward to the house smelling delicious when we come home from work at the end of the day. 

5. I hate underwear that bunch.  WHY did they go to using cheap, crappy elastic?  (I mean, security is essential in that, ah, area.)  Oh, because they can make more profit per pair of underwear sold.  Awesome, now I get to deal with the consequences on a daily basis.  Ok, rant over!

4. The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguements today in a case in which a Cincinnati, Ohio mother is suing her former employer for firing her for taking breaks to pump breast milk during her work day.  I think you can guess what I think about that

3. I’m just a little proud of the homemade hamburger buns I made yesterday–sesame seeds and all baby!

2. Quote of the day: “Huh, it must work on bruises, too.” –my husband, upon seeing Rhianna’s newest  Cover Girl commercial 

1. Happy birthday Terra!

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Since today is a list sorta day…

~I hate Ohio weather.  No wonder all the retirees who have the funds move to Florida for the winter.  It’s in the single digits (with windchill) here today, but we’re supposed to gain an extra 10 degrees every day this week.  So, by Friday it’ll be 60 degrees out.  Grrr, no wonder I’m STILL sick.

~I’m going to come out and admit that I’ve now seen Twilight not once, but twice.  I feel so bad because I cheated on my friend–we had agreed to wait to see it (together) until it comes out on DVD.  Oops, sorry A!  (She knows–and has forgiven me readily–but I still feel guilty.)  I’m now totally, amazingly, pathetically hooked, and I can’t wait to see it again!  Now I desperately want the soundtrack, too.  It’s awesome 🙂  (As a side note, hubby took me to see the movie the first time I saw it and he thought it was OK–which is a compliment.)

~God bless my mother.  I received no fewer than four emails from her last night.  They were timestamped 1:11am, 1:47am, 1:47am, and 3:20am.  (The middle two were duplicates.)  The one from 1:47am read (in part),

here is quiet.  and middle of the night.  I had a very long spell with very little sleep  2 births back to back.  now my day/night is mixed up.”

As I learned well by a very young age, such is the life of a dedicated midwife.

~Hubby and I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on TV last night.  We had two totally random conversations based on the end of the movie, one about “gay hobbit love” (forgive my hubby’s lack of tact) and the other about “elf-mutts”.  The GHL conversation began during the scene when Pippin, Sam, Frodo, and Merry are back in the shire, sharing a drink together.  Hubby claims they’re making eyes at each other.  (It is, admittedly, a sappy scene.)  I explained to him that they’re just happy to be home and alive after their adventure, but no, he’s certain they all madly want to jump each other.  I explained that Sam was going to marry Rosie, his hobbit lass.  Just a cover up, says hubby.  (Yes, I know this topic has been debated previously elsewhere.  Don’t tell hubs, it’ll just fuel his side of the debate!)  The E-M story centered around Aragorn & Arwen’s kiss at the end of the movie.  My dear hubby is convinced that elf parts & human parts don’t line up, and, even if they did, Aragorn & Arwen would produce weird, mutant elf-mutts.  I contend that it doesn’t matter how many chromosomes they have, their babies would be GORGEOUS!

 ~I just finished reading Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce, one of my favorite YA authors.  I might feel a little guilty reading her books–I’m probably a bit old for them (??)–but nonetheless I love them and I love her.  One of my favorite Tamora Pierce quotes is this:

I am deeply unhappy that college education standards, as evidenced by all those online lists, is still that of white men who died over a century ago and fear for the best and brightest minds educated on a standard that does not address the fact that we live in a global culture that does not recognize the primacy of the values of dead, white, European men.”


Books are still the main yardstick by which I measure true wealth.”

And finally (in reference to her early years as a very young writer):

I tried to write the kind of thing I was reading, with one difference: the books I loved were missing teenaged girl warriors. I couldn’t understand this lapse of attention on the part of the writers I loved, so until I could talk them into correcting this small problem, I wrote about those girls, the fearless, bold, athletic creatures that I was not, but wanted so badly to be.”

~I also recently read Ironside by Holly Black, The Parting & The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis, Club Dead & Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris, and Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce (prequel to Trickster’s Queen).  They are all very different books, but all of them good in their own way and definitely worth reading.

~I usually give up something for Lent, so this year I decided to do something instead.  I chose to pray twice a day (morning and night).  I did really well Ash Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Not so much this weekend.  Routine helps me, so hopefully I’ll get back on track by tomorrow.

~We found out Saturday that friends of ours here in Dayton are expecting!  We have out-of-town friends with kids, but this will be our first friend-baby close enough to visit on a regular basis.  I’m very excited!  Congrats A and T!

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